If you’re putting on an event with other forms of entertainment going on all at once then our Reptile Booth of Fun is the way to go! For this event package, the required set up includes a canopy and tables, with a variety of the smaller animals placed on the tables for the guests to touch and hold. The bravest of guests will have the chance to come inside the reptile booth to get up close to our jumbo animals including 8-10 ft. python “Fluffy” and our 3 ft. Argentinian lizard “Fred!” Our African Sulcata Tortoise “Wally” prefers to roam free so we let him move around and explore the grounds a bit (don’t worry, the kids are excellent babysitters so he doesn’t get too far!). Be ready to enjoy a variety of 12-14 reptiles and friends. You’re guaranteed to see a line out of the Reptile Booth with both kids and adults who want a picture with “Fluffy!”

Idea for the event planner: Looking to fit this in your budget and raise money for your organization at the same time? You could sell tickets for a picture with giant python “Fluffy!” Many events have done this successfully at $2-$5/ticket.

Best for: Special Events, Carnivals, any event with multiple forms of entertainment.

Who we’ve presented for: Church events, DIRECTV’s Corporate Picnic, Rally for Children, countless PTA events, the San Diego Fairgrounds, the OC Fairgrounds for Kristie’s Foundation, Chick-fil-a mother/son night, and more!