For this one hour assembly presentation, your reptile guide will bring hands free sound equipment to accommodate a large crowd. The first 30 minutes will be spent highlighting some of the most impressive animals including our 8-10 ft. Python “Fluffy,” 3 ft. Argentinian Lizard “Fred,” “Carlos” the Large African Bullfrog, “Wally” the Sulcata Tortoise, 6 ft. Reticulated Python Pete, & more! Both child and adult volunteers will be asked to come on stage to complete a series of “Fear Factor” challenges, such as getting a kiss from the giant lizard, wearing our “snake hat” (Yes, it’s like it sounds!) and MORE! And don’t worry, age appropriate educational content will be slipped in throughout the show!

After the 30 minute on stage presentation, the kids will be jumping out of their seats to get hands on with these amazing animals, so the second half of the show is devoted to hands on time with our variety of 12-14 snakes, frogs, lizards, tortoises, and spiders. We will set up a station for the kids to pass through to get an up close experience with these amazing animals. The reptile handler will be happy to help situate Fluffy should you like to take a class picture with her at the end of the show!

Best for: 50 to 350 students. This presentation can also be customized to fit your needs, such as adding a second hands on station for larger groups of kids, or splitting very large groups of kids into two groups. Please let us know your ideas as well so that we can best fit your needs!

Who we’ve presented for: Countless elementary and middle schools, PTA Events, Boy Scout Packs (Including Blue and Gold Ceremonies), Girl Scouts, YMCA Indian Princesses, The Heart Foundation, Earth Day at Pechanga, Corporate events, and more!