Our Extended Safari Party is the entire reptile zoo coming to you! Be prepared for a jaw dropping 200 lbs. in reptiles and friends…You’ll hear a roar of excitement as the kids enjoy hands on time with all our star animals including 40 lb. African Sulcata Tortoise “Wally,” giant African Bullfrog “Carlos,” 3 ft. long Argentinian lizard “Fred,” and our SHOW STOPPING 8-10 ft. python “Fluffy!” This package also includes our hairy scary tarantula and new mealworm feeding, where the Australian lizard swipes worms with his tongue! This package is less rushed and more relaxed, allowing for extra hands on time with favorite animals and for plenty of picture time!

90 minutes
14-15 reptiles and friends
Best for more than 15 kids, or for that huge reptile lover in your life!
**The color of the finale python sent to your child’s party may vary
(but is guaranteed to be 8-10 ft long)